The retail environment has shifted rapidly over the past two decades. With the shutdown of major brick-and-mortar brands, more businesses are moving away from in-person shopping and taking their efforts to the internet.

To thrive in the digital marketplace, you need systems in place to manage a successful online business.

  • Is your warehouse management system integrated with your ERP and other various shipper’s systems?
  • Can you support just in time inventory as part of your drop ship model?
  • Do you spend time and money manually integrating your catalog with hundreds of e-commerce platforms?
  • Are you paying too much for obsolete ERP systems?
  • Do you spend time and money manually downloading orders and uploading shipping information to your selling channel/partner platform?

With Digitbridge, e-commerce of B2B and B2C is easier than ever. We provide a complete turnkey digital commerce platform with all of the tools you need to buy, sell, and fulfill orders for businesses of all sizes. All you need is an internet connection.

  • Automate tedious, time-consuming operations like integrations, order shipping and catalog management
  • Ensure compliance with the specific requirements of retailers
  • Access hundreds of e-commerce retailers
  • Rapidly scale your business with minimal time-to-market
  • Real-time business insight with rich report


The popularity of online retail has spurred a vast network of channels for selling products online. This gives your customers plenty of places to find your product, but manual catalog entry is extremely expensive and time-consuming.

Digitbridge eliminates 1-1 integrations.

With Digitbridge, sell your product across hundreds of channels from one platform. Use a single centralized catalog and push it out to any channel we support, giving your customer complete product visibility. Channel product listing, content management, and inventory syncs are fully automated, dramatically reducing your workload and giving you the space to focus on business operations.


Delivering products to customers in a timely manner matters more than ever. Over half of shoppers say that getting their orders on time is a top priority, and many will cancel orders if they haven’t been received in a timely manner.

Shopping online is easier than ever for customers whose orders are often no longer than the click of a button. But as anyone who has ever processed order fulfillment knows, there are many moving parts that go into managing and shipping inventory.

Digitbridge automates the entire order fulfillment process. Every part of an order can be processed in a single hub and information is updated in real time. We provide all of the functionality you need, including:

  • Full Warehouse Management
  • Download Orders
  • Routing
  • Pick & Pack
  • Shipping Label & Packing List Printing
  • Tracking Number Uploads
  • Returns & Refunds
  • Create Invoice & Account Receivable Reconciliation


Not only does Digitbridge help you sell and fulfill orders, but also assists with the purchasing component. Digitbridge offers an ideal solution for dropshipping thanks to its robust integrations.

  • PO and PO receive.
  • Account Payable and Reconciliation
  • Advanced demand prediction features put you in control of purchase order management.
  • Maintain your catalog and inventory in real time while connecting to suppliers and selling to retailers to facilitate dropship relationship.

Buy, Sell, and Fulfill Orders with One Solution: Digitbridge

Digitbridge is the only e-commerce platform that combines buying, selling, and fulfilling orders in one centralized hub. Our platform eliminates the hard work and logistics of running a business, giving you the freedom to focus on the tasks that matter.

Are you ready for the Digitbridge solution? Contact us today for more information about our services.