About Us

Our founder ran a traditional apparel brand manufacturer with over 30 years of experience working with brick-and-mortar retailers. Nine years ago, while trying to expand into different channels to increase their customer base while handling operational logistics, they realized existing software was beyond budget and too complex. With no good options available on the market, they decided to build their own solution: Digitbridge.

Digitbridge is an e-commerce platform designed by the industry, for the industry. We know what works, and have designed our software to help businesses with a complete digital solution at the fraction of the cost of existing ERP software.

Expand into a multi-channel business with one simple platform. Sell, fulfill, and buy through the e-commerce business with omnichannel accessibility, while providing Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment to each channel. DigitBridge can help small and medium-size companies rebuild their supply chain and distribution network to adapt to today’s digital commerce world.

Consumer goods companies of all sizes face immense challenges that are often further complicated by existing platforms. With Digitbridge, these problems are easier to manage than ever. Are we the solution you’re looking for? Contact us today to learn more about how Digitbridge will revolutionize the way your business does e-commerce.