Product Information management

The modern wholesaler does more than just manage a warehouse and fulfill orders – a huge amount of time is spent on omni-channel catalog management. Each sales channel presents its unique set of content demands, tech specifications, and media nuances. Staying on top of it is difficult, let alone keeping it all organized. A huge number of human hours are spent doing repetitive, menial tasks while trying to think of compelling messaging to get customers to engage with your product.

DigitBridge will let you accomplish everything at lightning speed using our state-of-the-art Product Information Management – PIM+ – system. While it does what your average PIM can do by managing product data (quantity, price, copywriting, visual content, and tech-specs), PIM+ goes beyond that: It’s designed for operational excellence and adaptable to all digital commerce-oriented marketplaces. This laser-focused approach will give you hours back in your day.

  • Product Information Management to give you everything you’d expect from a traditional PIM.  
  • A.I. Assisted Content Creation to assist you in writing engaging product copy and managing multi-media content.  
  • Digital Shelf Optimization so you can make quick product content updates based on market needs.   
  • Channel Catalog & Feed Management allowing you to create catalogs for each channel based on their requirements without regular, manual syncs.  
  • Digital Sales Promotion Management enabling a “single source of truth” data structure to make the best decisions and execute follow-ups regularly.  

Did you know?

The adoption of PIM systems has increased with the rise of omni-channel retail, globalization, and the need for accurate and compelling product information to drive sales and customer satisfaction.