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The popularity of digital retail has spurred a vast network of channels for selling products online. This gives your customers plenty of places to find your product, but manually entering catalog, order, invoice, and shipping information into all those channels is extremely expensive and time consuming. The technology sector, having overlooked the wholesale industry for a long time, has created a “tech gap,” with many still reliant on these manual processes from the pre-internet era.

DigitBridge changes the game. We eliminate 1:1 data integrations, enabling you to offer omni-channel selling models all from one platform. Use a centralized catalog – your single source of truth – and dispatch it effortlessly to any channel we support. Our system not only automates channel product listing, sales promotions, and inventory syncs, but also ensures order, invoice, and shipping information are synchronized. This comprehensive automation drastically cuts down your workload, giving you the space and time to focus more on growing your business.

  • Customer Service functionality to supplement your existing customer service, helping you to resolve issues to your customers’ satisfaction.  
  • Integrations With Hundreds of Channels to digitally expand your sales reach. 
  • Dashboards to keep track of your daily operations at a glance – anytime, anywhere. 
  • Rich Reporting so you know which channels are working for you (and which aren’t). 

Did you know?

The first online transaction is believed to have taken place in 1994 when a Sting album on CD was sold for $12.48. In 2020, global e-commerce sales surpassed $4 trillion.