Warehouse Management System 

Delivering products to customers in a timely manner matters more than ever. In a world where same-day delivery is quickly becoming the norm, business owners need to level-up their delivery process in order to stay competitive. A growing % of consumers even say they will cancel an order if it takes too long. But as anyone who has ever processed order fulfillment knows, there are many moving parts that go into managing and shipping inventory. Once you factor in unpredictable supply chain developments, you have a recipe for disaster if you aren’t organized properly.

DigitBridge’s Warehouse Management solution empowers you to seamlessly integrate complete operational functions, enhancing shipping efficiency and storage organization. With a suite of automation tools, it offers improvements across the entire order fulfillment process, helping you manage unlimited product locations across multiple warehouses, including management of 3PL warehouses. Additionally, its integration with a vast array of shipping carriers and solutions on the market allows you to shop around for the best freight deals, ensuring substantial long-term shipping savings. This level of integration ensures unparalleled optimization of your supply chain, boosting fulfillment accuracy and shipping efficiency like never before.

  • Full WMS to keep all of your information centralized. 
  • Routing Oversight to organize fulfillment (including 3PL vendors). 
  • Warehouse Location Management laying out your warehouse for easy product tracking and saving space. 
  • Mobile Barcode Scanning for speed and accuracy. 
  • Pick & Pack to ship more efficiently. 
  • Shipping Label & Packing List Printing to reduce package processing time and eliminate the need for outside printing services. 
  • Tracking Number Uploads to empower your customers to see where their purchases are at any given time. 
  • Returns & Inspections so you can monitor product coming back into your inventory.  
  • Report & Alert System providing you with real-time notifications to get ahead of any potential mistakes. 

Did you know?

Cloud-based WMSs have gained popularity due to their scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, allowing businesses of all sizes to leverage advanced warehouse management functions compatible with e-commerce and omni-channel retail.