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In today’s digital world, ecommerce is a central part of the retail experience. Business owners know that providing customers with a streamlined experience across multiple channels is an essential part of providing a high-quality service. Old-fashioned ERP programs that require individual data entry simply can’t keep up with the pace of modern ecommerce.

Modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates ecommerce operations into one cloud-based platform. This way, it’s simple to manage orders and inventory, update product information, and attend to your CRM all from one, accessible program.

Keeping Up with Ecommerce

With ecommerce opportunities on the rise, growing businesses may be facing challenges when it comes to keeping up with customer demand.

Too Many Channels

Juggling multiple retail channels is a problem many companies face when running their online business. As your business grows beyond your personal site and products are available through other ecommerce services or national retail chains, it’s more and more time consuming to update product descriptions, manage stock, and keep track of orders across multiple channels. It also takes a lot of IT knowledge and manpower to setup data integration with each selling channel to sync order, inventory and shipping information.

Scattered Bookkeeping

Managing company finances while taking into account so many exterior factors can give any businessowner a headache. Without integrated systems, hidden costs and service fees may slip through the cracks in reconciliation with each channel if you’re managing your products across multiple retail platforms.

Poor Warehouse Management

Mislabeled orders, shipping errors, and product shortages are all potential results of poor warehouse management when you are dealing with big volume of individual package shipment of ecommerce. As your business grows, you’ll need to adapt your warehouse operations to reflect current stock, provide timely deliveries, and keep products organized.

What Services Do Cloud-Based Modern ERP Systems Provide?

Switching to a cloud-based modern ERP system is the smartest choice to keep up with demand and manage your ecommerce business. Cloud-based modern ERP systems integrate your data from multiple platforms into one, easy-to-use database.

Cloud-based modern ERP programs help you manage vital operations, including:

  • Finances – Organize your finances and get real-time updates when you integrate your ecommerce operations with a cloud-based modern ERP. This helps you immediately track account receivable and payable from orders and POs and manage reconciliation with your customers and suppliers.

  • CRM – Customer relationship management (CRM) is a priority for ecommerce enterprises. Cloud-based modern ERP software facilitates an omnichannel experience, so it’s easy to keep track of customers across all your digital platforms to help providing great customer service and assist in digital marketing.

  • Inventory – Cloud-based modern ERP solutions are designed to help your ecommerce company track inventory and organize orders. This way, you’ll know how much stock you have, where it’s located, and if you need to order more. You can also prioritize which channels you want to focus on by feeding different ratio of stock.

  • Warehouse ­– Packing, shipping, transferring, and delivering orders is a crucial element of your ecommerce business. These systems need to work seamlessly together in order to keep operations running smoothly. Cloud-based modern ERP software provides automated solutions for warehouse employees to print shipping labels, scan orders, and track deliveries.

  • Online ­Product Listing – Updating product descriptions, quantities, and prices is extremely time-consuming if you’re doing everything manually. ERP solutions centralize your product information, so it’s simple to share product information changes across multiple channels.

Benefits of Integrated Systems

Real-Time Information

One of the biggest benefits of integrating your ecommerce operation with a cloud-based modern ERP solution is being able to see real-time updates. This helps you keep track of stock, manage orders and fulfillment, and view finances at a moment’s notice.

Customer Experience

Providing customers with accurate product information, user-friendly ordering platforms, and speedy delivery are all part of running a successful business. Instant stock updates, automated warehouse operations, and shipment tracking capabilities all contribute to a positive customer experience.


Save yourself, and your employees, valuable time by managing your ecommerce business with cloud-based modern ERP systems. Instead of manually updating product descriptions or inputting shipping info or managing stock, automated systems help you keep all the necessary digital data flowing across all channels. Plus, centralized ERP solutions help eliminate mistakes, saving you time and resources spent correcting errors.

The Whole ERP Solution at Digitbridge

Digitbridge is an all-in-one ecommerce platform offering integrated services across all your business operations. From product information management, to online purchasing options, to shipping, to warehouse management, Digitbridge offers an integrated cloud-based platform where you can manage all your essential data.

At Digitbridge we make the ecommerce process simple from start to finish. With Digitbridge’s cloud-based platform, you can view sales, fulfill orders, and buy new stock with easy-to-use omnichannel accessibility. Contact our team at Digitbridge today to request a demo, and see how our ecommerce solutions will change the way you do business.

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