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What eCommerce trends matter most in 2022? With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, advances in online shopping platforms, and the benefits of global accessibility, ecommerce is here to stay. Online shopping has quickly become the preferred retail channel for many consumers, and companies are seeing a greater demand for personalized online shopping experiences. 

But the rise of ecommerce options has resulted in an over-saturated market. According to a Forbes article discussing ecommerce trends, “e-commerce will account for 20.4% of global retail sales by the end of 2022, up from only 10% five years ago. In other words, the e-commerce space is becoming more crowded.”

So how can you ensure your ecommerce business retains an edge over the competition? Here are our top tips on how to stay on top of ecommerce trends in 2022.

#1 Explore New Marketing Channels

While tried-and-true marketing channels may still bring in some new customers, it’s time to expand your marketing beyond Facebook ads and email blasts. The same Forbes article cites that Facebook advertisements now cost up to “47% more than the year before.”

New marketing channels include platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, which offer users a more casual, personal way to interact with your product. Uploading short demo videos, highlight reels, and customer testimonies are all great ways to grab attention and emphasize the value of your product.

#2 Utilize Augmented Reality

Nowadays it’s easy to help your customers have a personalized experience online. One of the trendiest ways to mesh an in-person shopping experience with ecommerce is through augmented reality. Augmented reality features allow customers to interact with products from the comfort of their own home. For example, a prospective buyer looking for new eyeglasses can upload a photo of themselves to virtually try on glasses frames. These features give customers the opportunity to test products before making a purchase.

#3 Gain Customer Insights Using AI

Today, it’s common for businesses to use AI software to track customer behavior and learn about how customers interact with their product. AI programs offer valuable insights into customer search trends, clicks, shares, and conversion rates. Incorporating this data into your web design and ad campaigns will optimize your site and promote a smooth and use-friendly experience.

#4 Personalize the Online Experience

In 2022, customers are searching for a personalized experience when they’re online shopping. The increase in AI driven platforms allows you to gather data about individual shopping trends and show customers personalized ads and content. Offer customers the opportunity to make an account with your brand, and utilize a points or reward system to keep them engaged. Remember, personalizing the online experience isn’t only about offering the best deal. Use value-based marketing to emphasize how you prioritize your customer’s individual needs.

#5 Offer Customer Support Using Chatbots

While there will always be a need for person-to-person customer service, chatbots are a fantastic option for businesses looking to upgrade their user experience without hiring more customer service reps. Chatbots offer several unique benefits over live customer service:

  • They are available 24/7.
  • They offer immediate answers to common questions.
  • If a customer inquiry is to complex, chatbots direct customers to further assistance.
  • They offer insights into frequently asked questions or common product issues.

#6 Offer More Payment Options

Don’t limit your customers to a standard credit card payment option. Many shoppers prefer to conduct all their online transactions through alternative services, so they can consolidate online payments into one platform. Offer alternatives to credit cards like PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and Facebook Pay.

#7 Focus on Sustainability

Customers are increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of their purchases. To keep your business competitive in 2022, focus marketing content on your company’s green initiatives. Demonstrate to customers that you are committed to reducing your business’s impact by switching to sustainable packaging and shipping supplies, and offsetting carbon emissions.

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