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A successful ecommerce landing page is like your digital window display – optimize your ecommerce landing page to get the best traffic. Your landing page should intrigue customers and provide a clear pathway for them to engage with your product. This is often the first point of contact a customer has with your business, so it’s crucial to ensure your landing page encapsulates unique elements of your brand.

But not all ecommerce landing pages are optimized to their fullest extent. Here’s our guide on how to update your landing pages so you can offer a dynamic, engaging, and user-friendly online shopping experience.

What is the Difference Between When You Optimize an Ecommerce Landing Page and a Homepage?

In a nutshell, landing pages are a specific destination where customers land after clicking an advertising link, while homepages are the central hub for your website. Landing pages are designed for a single purpose, and provide customers with a clear call to action (CTA). Unlike homepages, landing pages typically don’t include any navigational links, and are oriented around one action, like subscribing to email updates or browsing a specific sale.

Optimization Techniques

Simplify Your Design

Landing pages should be streamlined and clutter-free. The goal is to direct your visitors to complete one specific action, so you don’t want to overcrowd their experience by offering too many options.

  • Eliminate navigational pathways to other pages on your website. This focuses a customer’s attention on the CTA.
  • Include succinct copy that is focused on the marketing initiative.
  • Avoid using too many graphics or text. Stick with clean, striking designs.

Include a Clear CTA

Google ads, email campaigns, and social media posts are all great ways to entice customers to visit your site. Once they arrive, their CTA should be immediately clear. Remember, a landing page is focused on a single action, and should simplify your customer’s decision process once they arrive.

Display your CTA in a prominent position “above the fold.” For webpages this means displaying your CTA above the point where a user has to start scrolling to view more content. Utilize bold colors, and keep CTA links concise.

Use Social Proof

Social proof demonstrates the efficacy and quality of your brand to prospective customers. Social proof might include elements such as:

  • Testimonials.
  • Reviews.
  • Endorsements from influencers.
  • Statistics on sales or customer count.
  • Badges and certifications.

Prospects who see social proof like influencers, happy customers, or certifications from various agencies, are more likely to trust in your brand and continue shopping.

Prioritize Visual Impact

  • The images or graphics on your landing page should be high-quality and encapsulate distinctive aspects of your brand. Opt for product-oriented photos that showcase the quality and benefits your brand has to offer. You may also choose to include social proof like a celebrity or influencer endorsement or image of a customer with your product.
  • Use bold, eye-catching colors that pop. For added impact, choose contrasting colors to underline your message. Be creative with your font choice, but make sure you use fonts that are easy to read.
  • Prioritize your landing page for mobile traffic. Nowadays many customers do their shopping on their phones instead of their computers. A clunky or awkward mobile landing page might dissuade interested customers from interacting with your brand.

Use Scarcity Techniques

Scarcity techniques put pressure on customers to complete your CTA immediately, or risk losing out on a deal. These techniques are based on the idea that there are limited products available, or a limited amount of time to act on an offer.

Scarcity techniques may include phrases like: “while supplies last,” “limited time offer,” “selling fast,” or “flash sale.” This technique instills a sense of urgency in customers, and makes them more likely to act on a spontaneous decision.

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